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Senator Black at Cornerstone Chapel

May 28, 2017

Senator Black reads a poem by Cpl. Edward Austin on Memorial Day. Cpl. Austin wrote the poem the night before he was killed in action in Vietnam on April 21st, 1967.

Senator Black On ISIS and Libya

Senator Black's New Commercial

Senator Black in the General Assembly

April 15, 2015

Senator Black moves to adopt his 'Campus Sexual Assault' bill (SB712) to protect our daughters when they are away at college.

Senator Black on the Dominion Power Line

May 27, 2015

Watch a video on the powr line issue by

Senator Dick Black on FOX 5 DC

April, 2015

The surprising singling out of Loudoun Coutny lawmaker Richard Black is found in the latest issue of an ISIS-published magazine. Why did one of the most reviled terrorist groups in the world target a local Virginia politician? FOX 5's Tom Fitzgerald spoke with the senator....


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