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Protect our Military here at home by allowing them to be armed
Protect our Military

In the wake of the Chattanooga shootings that left four U.S. Marines and one Naval Officer dead, Senator Dick Black sent a letter to Governor McAuliffe this weekend calling on him to arm Virginia's National Guard.

Earlier this year, Senator Black was personally targeted by ISIS because of his outspoken defense of Christians. ISIS's international magazine, Dabiqu, targeted three Americans, calling Senator Dick Black "the enemy" and "an American crusader." In his letter, Sen. Black related the ISIS threats against his life to the ISIS threat against our military personnel.

"As a combat-wounded Marine, I am appalled that our troops are defenseless against attackers. In Vietnam, we refused to be captured and fought to the death. If it weren't for my M-14 rifle, I wouldn't be alive to write you this letter today." Black said. "Virginia's soldiers deserve the same right - - the right to stand and fight. I ask you to join governors who are arming their states' Guardsmen. Give our troops a fighting chance."

Since the deadly shootings in Chattanooga, civilians have begun standing guard in front of area recruiting centers around the country to protect our unarmed military members. "There is something seriously wrong when we need civilians guarding our military personnel because we disarmed them," Black said.

As a former JAG Officer in the U.S. Army and a Marine Corps Pilot in Vietnam, Senator Black said, "I can assure you that our men and women are highly skilled with weapons. They are also targeted by ISIS."

Senator Black named an enemy of ISIS

On March 30th, 2015, the Capitol Police notified Senator Black that the 8th Edition of ISIS's international magazine, Dabiq, refers to him as "The Enemy" and as "The American Crusader."

"It is true, I am the enemy of ISIS," Senator Black said. The attempts by ISIS to silence freedom of speech and freedom of religion is a grave threat to democracy. I am alarmed by the targeting of our American soldiers and their families in our own country. I feel solidarity with the innocent Muslims and Christians who are being persecuted daily by ISIS.

We have got to stop training rebels to topple the Syrian government. Many of those rebels flow directly into ISIS and Al Qaeda. If we topple Syria, within weeks Jordan and Lebanon could fall to ISIS, creating a power center for a historic offensive by terrorists against Europe.

Last month in the same publication, ISIS spokesman Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-Adnani called on Muslims to terrorize "crusaders"in their own homes and streets. Likewise, ISIS routinely praises and glorifies terrorist attacks on Western soil as the killing of "crusaders" through this same publication.

"I will continue to stand with those who believe in freedom because that is the American way," Senator Black said.


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